I am always intrigued by the crazy things on social media. From entertainers rambling about a random subject to grown men deploying out of a moving vehicle dancing (great moves btw) while the door is ajar; I continue to tune-in. When we smile or laugh we immediately want to share that moment with a friend, family member or social media acquaintance. We effortlessly push “like” or “share” and move on with our day. We are not necessarily helping anyone when we do this, nor are we looking for anything in return, we just do it. Considering the aforementioned, why is so hard for small business owners to get people to follow, share and or like their business pages? We talk about helping others however a simple “like” or “share” is hard to come by nowadays. Business presence on Social Media platforms are very important. It’s one of the most economical ways of gaining exposure. When a new or potential customer researches a company on social media “likes” matter. The best way to achieve “likes” is to have your social community share your posts. As a business owner that is the joy of having a social media presence, everyone can assist with the growth and awareness of your company. The next time you see a small business promoting a product or service, think about pressing “like” or “share”. I assure you that the business owner would greatly appreciate it! The same way that you enjoy that funny video and or that person dancing is the same way a business owners feels when you “like or “share” their posts. By: Armer”MITCH” Mtchell III
K.M. Realty LLC believes in quality renovations.   Recently we purchased a circa 1910 Northside home that had some previous renovations completed.  It was our thought that we could continue with what was started, just add our special touch.  Overtime we realized that the current renovations were not performed to the KMR standard.  So we decided to “gut it”  !!  What a great decision !  We immediately saw bad wiring, plumbing, and insulation.  Based on our decision; KM Realty was able to preserve the 100 + year old charm and will undoubtedly deliver a magnificent product.  

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